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Kristine Rozkalne
+371 28201082
Kristīne Rožkalne ģimenes mediācija pāru mediācija
Kristīne Rožkalne ģimenes mediācija pāru mediācija
About me
  • Certified mediator accreditation

  • Mediation course "Mediation and ADR", seminars and in-depth skills training for mediators

  • Active studies in law in the bachelor's program (Latvia)

  • Communication specialist and multimedia p. B.A. (Denmark)

Additional courses and advanced training:

  • Constructive communication in stressful situations

  • Nonviolent Communication US (NVC)

  • Psychotherapist Couples Counseling Masterclass

  • “The child as a victim in Criminal and Civil proceedings”

  • “Solving conflict situations - or is there a way out of a seeming impasse?”

  • “Psychological aspects of a mentor's work”

  • “SIDS hospitality and organization management”

  • “Targeted and effective service to children and their families”

  • Master in Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Intelligence Certificate)

  • etc.

Additional jobs and experience:
  • I teach and organize guest lectures and retreats in communication and strengthening relationships for teams, specialists in various fields and family members

  • I actively work as a contact person for biological parents with foster families, cooperating with the support center "Tilts",

  • More than 12 years of practical experience in leading working groups and conducting negotiations for adults, young people and children

  • Obtaining the status of a host family and maintaining a relationship with the children of the Latvian orphanage within it

  • Long-term experience in project management, managing a team of companies and employees (Latvian and international environment)

  • Conducting lectures and organizing working groups

  • Experience in organizing social work and building cooperation

  • etc.

My experience and education